Electrifying your fleet

The definitive guide to EV for fleet managers

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The Government has announced a ban on the sale of new petrol or diesel vehicles from 2030. Converting to EVs can save your business money as well as reducing carbon emissions. With government grants to support the installation of EV infrastructure available, the time to electrify is now. We can help.

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Electrifying your fleet

Learn more about:

What grants are available and how to apply

How an electric fleet can positively impact your bottom line

Benefits for your drivers

Your one-stop EV infrastructure shop

We’ll support your transition to EVs in three simple steps. Working in partnership with you, we’ll optimise the benefits electrification offers.

Step 1 Identify your EV goals

Establish what your objectives are – electrifying your fleet, providing charging facilities for your staff and drivers or visitors.

Step 2 Different payment and authorisation methods

Choose how you'd like these to be made – RFID cards or mobile payment app.

Step 3 My Electric Vehicles

Our easy-to-use portal helps you manage your electrification investment.

Case study Driving emissions cuts for SES Water

To support SES Water’s commitment to sustainability, the Drax Electric Vehicles team delivered a bespoke EV service – including 30 charging stations and 10 EVs.

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