Supporting your decarbonization journey

Leading scientists agree that reducing emissions is not enough. We need to go further and faster, with carbon removals. Drax is helping organizations achieve their sustainability goals by removing carbon dioxide emissions and permanently storing them – allowing companies to rebalance their carbon footprints, for good.

Millions of tonnes of carbon removals

Huge issues need huge ideas. Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) by Drax will generate millions of tonnes a year of high integrity, permanent carbon removals as early as 2026. In 2022, we announced one of the world’s biggest carbon removals agreement yet – and we’ve only just started.

Generating permanent,
secure carbon removals

Essential for achieving net
zero targets

The most affordable, scalable
carbon removal technology

Accelerate your decarbonization journey

Time is precious. Demand for carbon removals is already exceeding what we’re able to capture, and costs are rising. Organizations need to secure carbon removals now to meet their goals and get ahead.

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